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Name: Jeanne Denny    From: Thornton-cleveleys
I have been a fan of your music for over 30 years and tomorrow is Mum's funeral. I have chosen The Pearl to be played during the meditation period of the service. Thank you for writing it.
Added: 13/09/2012

Name: Bil VornDick    From: Nashville, Tennessee
Looking forward to your visit to Music City USA
Added: 11/09/2012

Name: Gary Lerman    From: Charlotte, NC USA
Waiting for the music download. Still think Lewis and Clark sound track was the best of all time ... ever recorded. Wish we had the sheet music to some of Phil's songs!
Added: 10/09/2012

Name: Bobbie Carter    From: Kinross
Hi Phil
I discovered you last year on the BBC - fantastic programmes about accordions in European culture. I'm an accordionist myself but just for pleasure! Used to play in a band years ago in Norfolk. Been playing over 30 years since being a child but don't practice enough! Myself and my partner came to see you and Aly in Perth on 28th August. We loved it! Is any of your music available as sheet music? I want to try !!
Added: 31/08/2012

Name: Ross Curtis    From: Dunedin, New Zealand
You inspired me to pick up a pa over 20 years ago with Silly Wizard. Your music is just fantastic, keep it up Accordion guru!
Added: 20/07/2012

Name: Alan Rogers    From: Novato, California, USA
Dear Mr. Cunningham: I was first introduced to you and your fine friend, Aly Bain, by your appearance on an American recording of the Prairie Home Companion Joke Show. Of all the hours of jokes, the segments I play repeatedly are the segments where you regale us with your wonderful jokes about A Cowboy at a Bar, An American in the Shetland Islands and many more. I enjoyed your humor so, that I searched for more from you on the internet and found videos of you and Aly performing--music, introduced by brilliantly funny anecdotes (such as your pal, Fergie McDonald.) From there, I fell in love with your music, too. (I apologize...being a native of California, I'm afraid our exposure to Scottish music is quite sheltered, shall we say.) I am Irish-American and was very taken by your music. I am proud to say I am a huge fan of your music, your wit and, having researched further, the delightful man I have found you to be! It is my great hope that I will, one day, get to see you perform in person. Sorry for the lengthy note. I wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful gifts of music and mirth you have given me. May God bless you and Aly. Continued success and good health for all your days!
Added: 12/07/2012

Name: Floris Barrett    From: portland, oregon, usa
you are hands down the best accordionist ever! I'm nearly 50 and i've been playing since i was four! I would do just about anything to have a lesson from you!!
Added: 04/06/2012

Name: florence mc mullin    From: cape breton,canada
love the tune" colors of cape breton"
Added: 09/04/2012

Name: James Henry    From: Amsterdam (ex-pat Fifer)
Love your music. All the best.
Added: 09/02/2011

Name: Paul    From: Rhyl, North Wales
Another amazing night in Manchester, the transatlantic sessions get better and better. I was on the front row and the "love" was as palpabale between you to the eye as it was magical to our ears and hearts. Keep them coming Phil big hug Paul
Added: 02/02/2011

Name: Trevor Knight    From: Droitwich Spa
I just wanted to say how much my wife and I enjoyed the Transatlantic Sessions concert in Birmingham last night. Just like last year it was a wonderful and insprirng evening filled with fantastic music, incredible artistry, warmth and laughter. Its brilliant to see such talented musicians and singers come together to show their craft, entertain an audience royally and have a great time. Congratulation to you, Aly, Jerry and everyone - can't wait to see you again next time.
Added: 31/01/2011

Name: sharon fenton    From: Vanc Wa USA
So wonderful to find your site.
Your Belle Mere Waltz is used for my Celtic Tap class and I love it!
Added: 26/01/2011

Name: sharon burrows    From: maidstone kent
Will your tune The secret life of roses recorded at RCA studio B for the BBC be released on an album
Added: 03/07/2009

Name: Terri Sawford    From: Letchworth Garden City Herts
Love your music, have seen you many times, folk clubs (Hitchin) with Runrig etc. Loved the way you flew those fighters over Stirling. Such talent.

Added: 09/04/2009

Name: David Green    From: Northwich Cheshire
Have been a huge fan of your music from the days of Silly Wizard and in fact Gordon Jones's brother Brian is a good friend of mine. Really delighted that more Transatlantic Sessions are planned as they are some of the very best music found on TV. During the day I often play some of the ones I have recorded as I try to work out the chords on my guitar or to learn a new song for myself. We are coming to Oswestry so will see you there. (Jonesy may be coming also)
best regards
Added: 25/03/2009

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